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Turn to Your Neighbor: Dazzmin Murry

Turn to Your Neighbor: Dazzmin Murry

You never know where you might find Dazzmin Murry. When it comes to art, Dazz dabbles in it all. She sings, writes, shoots photos and works to help other artists gain access to resources and information to help them build their dreams. 

“What drives me is the freedom I find in creativity,” Dazz said. “I enjoy having space and room to think as widely as I want and to see those dreams come to fruition.” 

Dazz encourages people to find out what it is they love and to do it. If you feel good about doing something, that’s probably a good sign you’re meant to do that thing, she says. 

She recently founded a nonprofit called Creator’s Village. The organization held its first writer’s workshop in Northwest Arkansas in September. 

“Knowing about different facets helps me as an artist because it broadens my view,” Dazz said. “I relate art to life. If I am only aware of myself and not others around me, then it’s hard to be a people person, neighbor or friend. Knowing what it takes to excel or be a part of other entities helps me be a better person for the world around me.” 

Dazz is also one half of the band Dazz and Brie. You can find out more about Dazz here.

Dazzmin Murry

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